Holiday Savings Tips

This post was written by the former Estonian Credit Union, now Northern Birch Credit Union.

It’s the most magical time of the year…You have gifts to buy, parties to go to, decorations to hang. It’s a busy season, and can also be an expensive one. Here are a few tips for managing your holiday expenses:

1. Make a “Santa Claus” budget – and stick to it! Make a list of all the people you have to buy gifts for, set a realistic maximum limit for each, and don’t go over it!

2. Use social media to follow retailers you’re interested in. Often retailers give discounts and free shipping promotions to their followers and those who subscribe to their emails, so follow stores that you often visit and tend to shop at.

3. Speaking of online promotions…do more online shopping! Shopping trips usually end in lunches out, transportation costs, maybe parking fees. When you’re shopping online you can save all of those expenses, and get the chance to compare prices online easily. Another perk is that product reviews will be at your fingertips.

4. There’s nothing wrong with making your own gifts. From jams, to fudge, to jewellery, there are tons of ideas online that you can pull from.

5. Take advantage of our Stocking Stuffer Loan. We offer a discounted rate starting at 5.50%* to help you make your holiday purchases while avoiding credit card debt. Call us for details!

6. Hosting a holiday party? Make it a potluck.

7. Get ready for next year’s holiday season with post-Christmas sales. Decorations, greeting cards, wrapping paper, are all things that may go on Boxing Day or later. Buy them now to save for next year!

8. Have tons of leftover food from Christmas Eve? Freeze them and make them for dinner in the weeks to come!

Do you have holiday savings tips that you swear by? Share them in the comments below!

Holiday package being held by a woman

Author: NorthernBirchCU

A co-operative financial institution based out of Toronto, Ontario.

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