ECU Ekbaum Scholarship Recipients 2018


Congratulations to all of our 2018 ECU Ekbaum Scholarship recipients! 

This post was written by the former Estonian Credit Union, now Northern Birch Credit Union.

Since 1990 the Estonian Credit Union has supported post-secondary students with this scholarship opportunity. The scholarship is designed to support young people in pursuing their educational goals, while encouraging them to stay involved in the local Estonian community.

Let’s take a look at this year’s recipients:

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Emilie Tamtik – University of Toronto, Arts and Sciences.
Emilie says “ECU is my preferred bank due to the sense of community I feel when I come to the ECU location. I know the staff working at ECU personally and so I have a sense of safety that my money is in a reliable institution.”

Pages from Sorra Kersti.jpg

Kersti SõrraUniversity of Toronto, Life Science.
Kersti soovib edasi omandada magistrikraadi Euroopas regenereeriva meditsiini uurimistöö alal.

Pages from Otsa Eduard.jpg

Eduard OtsaDalhousie University, Commerce.
Eduard banks at the Estonian Credit Union because it has easy access to services, whether via online banking, email or by phone, when he’s at home or at school in Halifax.

Pages from Hogg Tiffany.jpg

Tiffany HoggHumber College, Nursing.
Tiffany says “Being able to support our community through the services they provide has allowed me to feel engaged and comfortable with my banking, making it feel personalized. ECU has my full trust and that is essential when choosing a bank.”

Pages from Jeeger Markus.jpg

Markus JeegerRyerson University, Computer Science
Markus has been involved in the Estonian community in the GTA for most of his life. He feels that the future of the Estonian community looks strong both locally and globally.


Hanna MaripuuUniversity of Guelph, Bachelor of Commerce, Real Estate and Housing
Hanna ütleb “ECU on minu pank, sest see on väga turvaline ja asjaajamine käib nii lihtsalt ning kiirelt kuna pangatöölised teavad ja tunnevad oma pangaliikmeid. Panga õhkkond on alati nii sõbralik ja kodune.”

Pages from Pajos Taimo.jpg

Taimo Pajos – Ryerson University, History
Taimo will be travelling to Turkey for a month this coming December to teach English.

Pages from Raud Silvi.jpg

Silvi RaudQueens University, Biology 
Silvi loodab töödata loomadega kui on lõpetanud kooli. Ta sooviks, et ta lastel oleks tulevikus samad võimalused kui temal, et õppida eesti keelt ja kultuuri.

Pages from Saarna Kirsten.jpg

Kristen SaarnaQueens University, Arts and Science
Kristen is involved in the Estonian community, which has helped her gain valuable leadership experience. She was valedictorian in Estonian School, coached kids at Kalev volleyball camp and was a councillor at Jõekääru.

Pages from Teasdale Erica.jpg

Erica Teasdale – York University, Glendon College, Gender and Women’s Studies
Erica says “My family has been banking with ECU since the 60s. By keeping ECU as my bank, I am continuing a tri-generational tradition and participating in part of the Toronto Estonian community. I appreciate the financial benefits that it provides and enjoy the community spirit that I feel whenever I visit the branch. ECU is the bank for me.”

Thank you to all of our recipients and applicants! Check back early next year for your opportunity to apply.

Author: NorthernBirchCU

A co-operative financial institution based out of Toronto, Ontario.

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