Celebrating Community #ICUDay2020

On Thursday, October 15th, Northern Birch Credit Union celebrated International Credit Union Day. A celebration recognized worldwide, ICU Day helps bring awareness to the credit union network and the ways which credit unions help their members and their communities. 

Although celebrations looked a bit different this year, Northern Birch Credit Union still wanted to shine a light on the community and offer support to some who have experienced a difficult year. 

Donations were made to the local nursing homes in the community: Ehatare Retirement & Nursing Home, Kristus Darzs Latvian Home, and Suomi-Koti Finnish Canadian Residence.  

The funds will go directly to supporting the residents. 

Ehatare has decided to purchase a new movie projector, to help continue their weekly movie nights. Each Thursday evening residents are invited to watch a movie, while enjoying special snacks and drinks. Either a film, concert, play or opera is projected, helping residents feel like they are able to go out to events and activities again. The nights have been such a success that an encore has been planned for each Friday for those early sleepers, that way no one misses a show! 

The Kristus Darzs Latvian Home will be painting a mural inside, to brighten up the view for some of their residents. The Home already houses an indoor atrium and fountain, but with the donation from Northern Birch Credit Union, they are now able to paint a mural outside some of the darker and smaller rooms, giving these residents a window to nature. 

Suomi-Koti Finnish Canadian Residence plans on also bringing nature indoors by painting a new birch tree mural and creating a new reading nook for the residents! This new feature will help create a calming space for residents to rest and enjoy. As the days get colder and it’s harder for the senior residents to venture outside, bringing a piece of nature indoors will truly benefit their health and wellbeing.

International Credit Union Day is a day to celebrate the credit union difference; a place where members and their communities come first. Northern Birch Credit Union is very proud to continue to be here to support and strengthen the community. By being a credit union member, you have a direct hand in helping these initiatives and giving back. To learn more visit www.northernbirchcu.com

Author: NorthernBirchCU

A co-operative financial institution based out of Toronto, Ontario.

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